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Gen3    SKU #47003
Gen2+  SKU #47002

Biggest lens aperture in its class
Superior for long range shooting
Weapon zeroing is not required when switching between day and night modules
Time to interchange day/night modules is only 5 seconds
3 year warranty for LE customers

Zoom magnification, day/night 5.0x-10.0x (d)/6.0x-12.0x (n)
Field of view, deg 6°-3.1°
W/E turret adjustment knobs ¼ MOA per click
FOM (US Gen3 IIT) up to 2200
Overall dimensions, night, in


Weight, max, oz



Gen3    SKU #47053
Gen2+  SKU #47052

Most compact and lightweight in its class
Superiorfor precise shot placement
Accurate internal distance focus adjustment
Retains zero on .50 caliber heavy recoil rifles
3 year warranty for LE customers

Zoom magnification, day/night      3x-6x (d)/3.7x-7.5x (n)
Field of view, deg  10°-5.2°
W/E turret adjustment knobs  ¼ MOA per click
IIT resolution, lp/mm up to 72
Overall dimensions, night, in 13.58”x2.44”x2.44”
Weight, max, oz 36.51

Gen3    SKU #47093
Gen2+  SKU #47092

The all new “three in one” design: day sight , NV sight  and night vision monocular (1x)
Precision reticle windage/elevation adjustment (1cl = 10mm / 100m)
Automatic brightness control
Photo/video equipment adaptable
3 year warranty for LE customers

Magnification, day/night 7.0x (d)/3.7x (n) or 1x (NV monocular mode)
Field of view, deg 3.7° (d)/7.4° (n) or 37° (NV monocular mode)
W/E turret adjustment knobs ¼ MOA per click
US Gen3 IIT Luminous gain, fl/fcd up to 55000
Overall dimensions, night, in 13.0”x3.3”x3.3” or 5.51”x 1.9”x2.8” (NV monocular mode)
Weight, max, oz 34.92 or 11.64 (NV monocular mode)  

Gen3  SKU #BE73950HD, BE73950HDU, BE73950HDUW
D-950 Night Vision attachment is one of the most compact and lightweight NV attachments in the world, measuring 8.5” (215mm) long and weighing 27oz (765g). D-950 mounts directly in-front of the daytime optics using a clip-on or side mounting system. The advantage of the night vision attachment is quick and easy conversion of the daytime scope for nighttime operation since no re-zeroing is required. Precise optics assures that there is no shift of the impact point eliminating the need for daytime scope adjustments.

Magnification, x 1.0
Image intensifier tube s/n ratio 1:25 or better
Field of view at distance 100 yard/m, yard/ m 14 / 13
IIT Manual gain Yes
Dimensions, approx., in /mm 8.5” x 2.6” x 3.2” / 215x67x81
Weight,  approx., oz/ g 27 / 765